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If you are interested in going deeper with your UHT practices, or if you’ve decided to pursue the Associate Instructor certification, contact me for more information.  If you’re not sure what those practices entail, you can read more on the My Modalities > Tao Practices page.  Here is some background on Universal Healing Tao.

Universal Healing Tao

Mantak Chia describes his lineage as “Inner-Alchemy-Just-Practice Taoist.” It embraces any knowledge and any method from the Tao that are effective to refine the states of inner experience and consciousness that are the birthright of all humans and that are accessible by all, without unnecessary rituals. After having inherited the complete Taoist internal spiritual cultivation system from his master, Yi Eng, Chia followed the master’s instruction to teach the “Nine Formulas” to others.

Basic Explanation of the Nine Formulas

The practices in the first two formulas are probably the most famous parts of Mantak Chia’s teaching. However, they are not the core of the system. The purpose of the two formulas is to invoke one’s awareness of chi, to strengthen it, and to open important chi channels in one’s body, such as the governor and conception channels. These practices lay a solid foundation for further practices in later formulas, if one wishes to advance.

Sexual energy plays very important roles in chi cultivation. Taoism believes that sexual energy accounts for a large part of the energy that a human body generates or absorbs; a person cannot achieve spiritual fulfillment without conserving and leveraging the power of sexual energy. The first step of traditional inner alchemy is transmuting the material carrier of sexual energy (Jing) into Chi. The basic sexual practices in the second formula can lay a solid foundation for the transmutation.

The third formula, Fusion, really starts inner alchemy practices. Inner alchemy traditionally has three stages: transmuting Jing to Chi, transmuting chi to shen, returning shen to void. Chi and shen are inner life energies with shen at a more refined level, and both originate from the same original universe force, which can only be reached by completely removing one’s own consciousness.

In Kan Li practices, polarities of life energies interact inside one’s own body, analogous to intercourses of a female and a male which leads to a birth of a child. This intensive activity of internal life energy creates an inner energy body which becomes the center of further practices, eventually the inner body leads to reaching Tao.

Cultivating the inner body and merging into immortality are the ultimate goals of traditional inner alchemy, which require great dedication and determination. However, most of us do not have to worry about the advanced inner alchemy practices, if our goal is about seeking life enhancement techniques or overall health. One can spend much time practicing the first two or three formulas and receive deep benefit.

{from Wikipedia, January 2017}

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