brooklyn qigong tigers greeting

Sometimes you can feel swept along by the current of your life–unable to set your own pace and focus.

You can be pulled tight by stress: riding your own emotional roller coaster, even developing health issues or just unable to really enjoy the facets of your life that you love  Perhaps you’ve been trying to work this out already, but find body-only or a mind-only solutions don’t work for you.  Or maybe you’ve been trying different practices, but haven’t found something that you trust and connect with deeply.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel centered and clear;
to have abundant energy, focus and happiness?
And to be able to maintain your center and clarity, even in times of crisis?

…To have practices, tools and a life view that carries you through the tumult of daily living… To feel a connection to nature and the divinity around us that sustains you through anything life throws your way… And to know that your personal practices have been refined through a centuries-long tradition…

I offer classes, qi healing and one-on-one training and mentoring, all grounded in the beautiful practices of the Tao.  They’ve been evolving for thousands of years, yet still powerfully support us in the present.  They used to be learned from an uncle or neighbor. Someone who knew and trained you, rather than focusing on teaching a technique.  At the core of my practice is teaching, healing and mentoring in this original way: working on a deep intersection between the tradition and you.

Our first conversation is a brief consultation, about 20-25 minutes, where we aim to uncover where and why imbalance may be happening in your body, your heart or your life.  After talking with you, I’m better able to offer guidance on what practices and approaches might best serve you, which may include healing, working one-on-one with me or trying a class.