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~  Ovarian Kung Fu + Healing Love Intensive ~
~ October 4 to 25   7:00 – 9:00 pm ~Class Full~
~ Next Course:  January 2018 ~

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Ovarian Kung Fu-Healing Love Course

“Ovarian Kung Fu” conjures the big kicks and shining swords of martial arts movies, doesn’t it?

It might surprise you to know that Kung Fu simply means “deep skill attained through dedicated effort.” So what we’re really talking about is developing deep skill in being a woman, inhabiting our body, living our life.  Deep skill in being ourselves…

Balance, Vitality, Centered Clarity

Do you ever find yourself depleted or even debilitated by your cycle?  Do you struggle with the erratic emotions or other symptoms of PMS or menopause?

ŸHave you found yourself besieged by doubt, worry or even shame arising from constant comparison with our culture’s images of women that are so beautiful, thin and fulfilled?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re doing too much, always needing to step in and take control of things… only to feel drained, tired and disappointed at the end of your day…

With a few elegant practices, the traditional Taoist-Chinese methods of the Jade Egg and Ovarian Kung Fu can change you. The Jade Egg Practice—done in line with the original, centuries old teachings—builds your pelvic floor so that pregnancy is supported and all your organs are held soundly.  Your vaginal strength is multiplied for:

∞ sexual pleasure
∞ urinary continence
∞ lumbar strength and alignment

As a result, many, many women experience:

∞ smoother, gentler periods
∞ diminished PMS
∞ softening of menopausal symptoms
∞ revived libido and fertility

And yes, Ovarian Kung Fu actually has very little to do with external martial arts. Instead, we delve into our Qi Body, Emotional Body and Spirit to integrate, strengthen, balance and rejuvenate ourselves.

But the physical benefits of this practice are just a small part: In our six week Ovarian Kung Fu intensive, we will honor the original intention for the Jade Egg practice and address your contemporary concerns so that you clarify and center your Yin-Female energies to enrich and transform your life through simple meditations, imagery, breath and energy work.

Does this sound like something you need to investigate?  The next step is a short conversation to learn whether we’re a good match to pursue this work together.

Grounded in your Femininity

As you work with gentle awareness, breath, visualizations and Jing Qi (your sexual life force energy):  Your connection with your sexual organs and sexuality is deepened and transforms your bond with your body and your femininity.  You are no longer ruled by your cycle or by invasive demands and criticisms that can flood in from our culture and daily life.  Your center is strong and grounded.  Your boundaries are healthy: impenetrable when needed and open and embracing when you wish them to be.

A Complete Practice, Rooted in Tao Tradition & Chinese Medicine

…as Personal & Graceful as You Like

Often the Jade Egg is taught in an abbreviated, disjointed way~ Kind of like fancy Kegels. The original intention was for it to be a center practice surrounded by physical, emotional and energetic Yin-Female work that weaves through and enriches your whole life.  It’s through the simple meditations, contemplations, and energy work in weekly meetings and home practice (with continuous support by phone and email) that Ovarian Kung Fu makes you “formidable in your feminine self-defense.”

If you are ready to enter into a supported, guided exploration of these thousand year old practices  that can transform your life in the present, I invite you to reach out to schedule a short, complementary conversation to discover more and learn if this is a good path for you.

I teach this practice one-on-one or in very small groups, so space is by nature limited.  Get in touch if you’re ready to develop the deep skill of consciously being a woman, fully inhabiting your body, joyfully living your life.  I look forward to speaking with you about these subtle and essential things.

Ovarian Kung Fu~Healing Love

Course Full~
4 week intensive : Oct. 4th ~ 25th : 
7:00-9:00 pm

Next Course:  6 week intensive : beginning January 2018
Dates and Details TBA

This is more than a 6 session course where you learn some techniques and the mechanics of a practice (only to forget it the next day).  In our time together, you will learn two variations of these traditional Sexual Energy cultivations:

~ The gentle breathing and embracing practices of TaoZen Ovarian Kung fu that help you connect with your whole body, your cycle and your deeper, sometimes ignored feelings and desires.

~ The more dynamic and “fiery” practice of Healing Love from Universal Healing Tao that is a powerful practice for clearing hormonal and physical issues; for shifting your relationship to your sensuality and sexuality and laying the groundwork for dual practice.  This is the practice that includes work with the Jade Egg that everybody’s talking about these days.  We’ll set aside all the hype and learn the true traditional practice that further deepens a woman’s sexuality and strengthens your pelvic floor.

We will also do lots of supportive practices to explore and connect with our “Deep Yin.”   We’ll do journaling and meditations that help clarify where we are, that bring this path deeper and connect it with our “real life” –to our personal situation, goals and obstacles.

We will be doing “homework” between the classes so you will get plenty of chances to get stuck, find questions and grow confident as you bond with the practices.  These methods — complicated and confusing at first glance will become clear.  You will “own” them as a powerful collection of tools that maintain and deepen your connection: to your body, to your heart, to your pleasure and your power.

Here’s a link to my page about Ovarian Kung Fu for even more information:



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