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Sacred Depths Coaching is a rich and powerful approach to personal inquiry, development, wholeness, life change and planning. My work is Taoist-based, and has grown out of my teaching and mentoring on the Taoist path.  It draws on the ideas of path-work, of cultivating  a loving relationship with your body, and a rich, open “inner landscape” as well as reaching outward… to strengthen your human connections and your alignment with nature.

Exploring the very practical impact of the wounded, exiled or unfamiliar parts of your self are central to much of my coaching. I’m here as a guide and a partner in your exploration of what you may need to shed and what you deeply wish to realize…

Using the rich principles of Sacred Depths coaching and the centuries old ideas and views of Chinese Medicine and Taoism, you can come to understand your own “inner cast of characters” as you learn to partner with strong internal allies and heal internal wounds in order to move forward in the most aligned, authentic and sustainable way possible. This Taoist take on coaching helps you to access your inner worlds and the insights, potential and new stories available there. This leads to reinvention, renewal, and results.

You are fundamentally whole. The feelings you might bring such as confusion, burn-out, anger or melancholy do not change your fundamental wholeness. Cultivating this view encourages self-compassion and self-awareness and that can inspire new personal stories and more empowering behaviors.

With my blend of Tao and Sacred Depths coaching,  I can support you to:

~Connect or re-connect with your body in a loving, joyful way

~Open to your body’s wisdom and clear blocks

~Uncover unconscious, limiting beliefs

~Support you bringing creativity back into your daily life

~Connect with sides of self that can guide you to make profound and lasting change

~Explore challenging transitions and connect to your passions, strengths and core beliefs

~Clarify what is most important for the next stage of your life and uncover obstacles that may sabotage you

~Create an effective plan that leads to action


How Does It Work?

Our coaching process begins with the completion of an intake questionnaire so you can tell me a bit about your current life situation, comfort/experience with creative practices and your goals. We will then follow this with an introductory session (about 90 minutes) where we can begin to build our coaching alliance. Following this, one hour sessions, twice a month are typical but we can discuss variations based on your needs. Email support as needed between sessions is included.

Ultimately, the strongest magic happens in your life between our appointments. For coaching to serve you best, a commitment to the process is a must.  I am available to work with clients in person, by phone or Skype.  In person sessions may be preferred for those in the New York City area.