my training

my training & background:

~Medical Qigong Therapist.
Two-year training with Lisa Van Ostrand, 3 Treasures Healing.  IIMQ/International Institute of Medical Qigong Program.

~Senior Instructor. Universal Healing Tao.
18 years’ training with many teachers, including Senior UHT Instructors: Masahiro Ouchi, Juan Li, Sharon Smith, Marie Favorito and Karin Sorvik.  Teaching Certifications in: Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds and Foundation Qigong.  Iron Shirt Qigong I. Tai Chi Chi Kung I.

~ Instructor. TaoZen Association. 
Trained with founder Masahiro Ouchi for 17 years.  Permission to teach all TaoZen variations on Tao practice, including Healing Love / Ovarian Kung Fu and TaoZen daily practices.

~BFA and MFA in Visual Art.
Rhode Island School of Design and Cranbrook Academy of Art.

~ Rank of Menkyo Okuden.  
Amagakure no Sato Ruy Ninjutsu. 18 years training. Retired from active training in 2013.

~ Animal Reiki. Level II. 
Through Liz Wassell. Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

~ M.E.L.T. Method. Hand and Foot Therapy. 
Basic training in Sue Hitsman’s Fascia massage work for the hands and feet.

Associations I belong to:

National Qigong Association.  Level III Qigong Instructor.
American Taichi & Qigong Association. Professional Member.
Namasta. Professional Member (Liability insurance).
HTIAA. Healing Tao Instructors Association of the Americas.

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