Universal Tao Teacher Training 2019

Mantak Chia will be in New York for Instructor Training
June 7 – 20 2019

The special opportunity to train so extensively with the founder, Mantak Chia, is open to to the public –you do not need to already commit to teacher certification to join any of the day-long trainings.  You can attend to deepen your knowledge and personal practice, or to prepare for teacher testing at some future time.

But to be able to test for either Associate Instructor or Certified Instructor during this visit, there are certain requirements that you may need to tackle ahead of time.

In particular, you will need to take classes and use them in your personal practice to satisfy the requirement for “Core Practices” training and “Additional Practices” training… and the personal practice hours.  At the bottom of this page are links to complete information about the requirements, the New York City training event and registration.

Below that is a contact form.  Please get in touch with questions or for more information.

My Classes & the Requirements:

Weekly Class on Sundays:

I teach a weekly class on Sunday evenings (6:00-7:15pm) on an 8 week cycle.  The first class is a free introduction, followed by a 7-week course.  Mantak Chia’s Practices are the core of the curriculum.  They also include supportive qigong and Tao concepts.

My focus in these courses is to teach the practices in a deep and substantial way.  Yes, you can buzz through the steps of the practices, but without context, a deeper knowledge and inner skill, your practice will stay superficial and –if you’re planning to be a teacher –you will lack the depth and confidence to share these beautiful and transformative methods.  Each of the classes provides 1.25 hrs of training requirement.

Other Offerings:

To support future teachers leading up to the special training, I’m planning to offer  additional training opportunities beginning in February.  In all cases, these would be courses (not drop-in) and require at least 3 people registered to go forward.  I’m in the planning stages –so now’s the time to get in touch with information about your focus and needs.

The formats I’m considering:

Half-Day ‘Intensives’ –If enough people confirm interest, I will arrange half-day classes covering UHT methods.  These will be small group offerings where you will be able to receive individualized support.

Second Sunday Class  –7:30-9:00pm  This longer class (1.5 hrs) would focus on Core practices or Additional practices such as Iron Shirt Qigong, Healing Love, Taichi (13 Movement form) or Fusion of the 5 Elements.

Taichi (13 Movement Form) in Prospect Park –Every Summer I teach Taichi in Prospect Park.  To accomodate this year’s special training, I will begin teaching as early as the weather allows and will teach the UHT form.

Next Offering: 
Emotional Wisdom (6 Healing Sounds)  January 13-February 24. 

$150 for 7 Classes.  Here is the Link to register (if it’s past January 13, contact me directly):


Another Offering: 
Chinese New Year –Divination & Inner Alchemy January 26. 

This pair of classes/workshops is not just UHT, but presents beautiful Taoist practices of the I Ching, held Qigong postures, Chanting and imprinting the body energetically.  Only a portion of this workshop (afternoon) will apply to your UHT training.  The time spent with the Pakua (bagua) and Fusion of the Five Elements Formula 1.  This would be at least 1.5 hrs, perhaps longer.

More information can be found on the event’s page in the menu.

Introduction to the I Ching: 10:30-noon $36


Afternoon of Divination & Inner Alchemy: 1:30-5:00pm $108



For Master Chia’s Training in June
Here are some links to more information:

The page about the event, with a schedule of trainings:


The outline of Associate Instructor requirements:


The outline of additional requirements to test for Certified Instructor:


And the link to register for any or all of the trainings: