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integrating taoist energy healing & traditional training

Over my years of learning, practice and teaching, I’ve noticed some patterns in the challenges I and others have in learning and deeply bonding with these body-mind methods and making the best use of them in life.

~  Many people – who love the vivid nature imagery and strong Qi of practice – cannot do them at home.

~  Others try to “progress” through the practices rather than taking the time to absorb them… They rush to get to the next level and miss the richness and transformation in the practice as it is.

~  Many have strong, transformative experiences in the beginning, but then hit a plateau, get bored or frustrated and give up.

~  Others do too much without developing their awareness and sensitivity.  They unbalance themselves and even create illness instead of clearing it.

I’ve made a commitment to pursue teaching skills as well as knowledge of technique.  I believe that these methods are powerful and precious – but must be taught so you can connect with them and with your own deeper self.  I want you to truly own your practice, whether it’s following the whole tradition or using certain practices that work for them.  I want you to own your health and strength, with practices and wisdom to stay strong and solve any issues that arise.

Tao for Body, Mind & Heart:  In our one-on-one work together, you receive powerful, transformative practices from the Taoist tradition tailored to your experience, interests and issues. …Practices deeply rooted in centuries old methods that cultivate health, clarity and spirit that ground you on a Taoist path and support your 21st century life and spirit.

More than abstract technique or passive healing protocol: Working with me gives you energetic Healing Qigong treatments that balance and strengthen your Qi energy and prepare you to practice more deeply the Tao methods I share. In the practice part of the sessions, you benefit from transmission of the technique and energy as well as in-depth teaching of method.  In between the sessions I support your practice and keep you on track in ways that work for you, such as phone call appointments, ongoing email support and weekly group classes.

As you progress through the sessions, you come to truly “own” your practice.  Your relationship to your body is transformed.  Your inner landscape feels clear, vibrant and spacious. Some ways we can focus our work together:


Ovarian Kung Fu & Jade Egg Practice:

I teach women two variations of Ovarian Kung Fu:  A gentle, contemplative form from TaoZen that guides you in deep connection with your body and feminine power; and the complete traditional sexual energy practice that requires a longer learning curve, but can effect dramatic changes in your confidence, health and life.  Both include the Jade Egg practice that is currently enjoying some internet notoriety, but they also include the breath and meditation practices that empower it.  I teach all these practices in the traditional manner: one-on-one with ongoing mentoring that supports you on your individual path and with your personal practice.  To learn more about Ovarian Kung Fu and the Jade Egg:

{Ovarian Kung Fu & Jade Egg}

Working with Limiting Inner Issues:

There are many ways life and joy can become marred by stress, longing and emotional burdens.  These difficulties and more can be dramatically shifted by healing Qigong treatments and a personal practice.  In our work together, I support and guide you in clarifying what is at the bottom of your discomfort.  We take that new clarity and shift you toward what you want with energetic healing and traditional Qigong and Neigong practices.  And –especially important– we make sure you can integrate them into your life.

Working with your Low Qi or Physical Issues:

Just as emotional tendencies can throw us off, physical issues can limit your life and burden you.  Through energetic healings and focused, personal learning of targeted practices, your issues change.  They soften, heal, and can even clear altogether.  Along with this, your view of your body and how to nurture your health also change.  To read even more about this personalized one-on-one work, follow this link:

{Healing & Balance}

Traditional Tao Practice & Teacher Certification in Universal Healing Tao:

Universal Healing Tao is a lively and powerful collection of Tao practices that heal your body, calm and open your mind and connect you more closely to spirit.  Many people love learning the path that Mantak Chia brought west from China in 1980.  Some also find they wish to share the practices with others and integrate teaching into their practice life. If you’d like more information about this traditional path or teacher training, follow this link:

{Universal Healing Tao}

I’d love to talk to you about how my work can benefit you.
email me so we can set up a time to speak.

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