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A summer special offering to enter my private practices…

Take advantage of my special fee reductions — only offered through August 31.  My one-on-one work is tailored to your interests and needs and can accelerate your healing, your Tao learning or clarify your visioning and progress you on your path.

~ If you’re struggling with patterns of stress, anger, anxiety or other painful emotions… the energy work of Reiki and depth of Medical Qigong can reset your body and support a more spacious inner landscape.

~If you’re feeling stuck…. in your personal relationships or job… If you don’t see a way forward that inspires you, Visioning and ‘Sacred Depths’ coaching can shake things loose and help you see differently, with passion and creativity.

~If you’re feeling a bit confused or stuck in your practice of Qigong, Taichi or the Energy Meditation… private training offers support focused on your strengths and weaknesses.  Tailored training create an aligned personal practice that is missing from Youtube 😉 …

If any of these personalized offerings (or a combination of them) resonate with you, take advantage of my summer offer!

My usual fee for first appointments is $135/hour and $108/hour for series.

Through August 31st, all appointments are only $80/hour. 

I want you to feel better… good… great… I want you to receive the traditional teachings that I’ve practiced for 20 years and deeply love.  And I know (from personal experience and from work with my students & clients) that while one appointment, class or session can offer a lot… deep transformation comes through repetition.  The rhythm of multiple healing sessions… the layering done in serial teachings… or the continued support as you travel through processes and plans.

What’s the Hitch?  None really.  Except that I’ve set this up to encourage you to step into that rhythm of multiple experiences.  You will need to purchase your appointments by August 31 to receive this offer… However, you have the freedom to book them through 2019.

If we haven’t worked together before:

Want to speak on the phone first?  Use this contact form:

Want to book just one to try out my services?  Use this link to book one (I’ll reach out to set up a date/time for you:


But if you’re ready you can also use it to sign up for a series of sessions (we’ll set up dates and times afterward):



And here is your promised Vagus Nerve Breathing practice…

{Vagus Nerve Activation Practices}

I truly hope to hear from you and work with you very, very soon.  I love these practices and my passion really is sharing them and seeing the way they can heal and change us.

xxx Miranda