My Summer Courses will begin after the Universal Tao Teacher Training here in New York.  Below are the details.


Wednesday evenings aren’t available at my classroom space until after July. So the next Wednesday course–August 14-September 18–will be a 6-week series on Inner Alchemy.  See that page under Group Classes for information.


Morning~ 9:30-11:00am ~

Taichi in Prospect Park is back!  9:30-11:00am.
Free Introduction ~ July 14.   (NEW DATE)
7-week course: July 21-September 1. (any rain-cancelled classes will be added to the end).

In class we will begin with Qigong to loosen our body, learn some Tao context and bring that Qi to our practice.  Then we will work (play) with the Taichi form: learning the sequence and choosing some part of it to take deeper.  We will end class with some soft moving Qigong or meditation.

We will learn an uncommon Yang style form variously called “13 Movement Form” “8 Direction Form” and even “Inner Feng Shui Taichi.”  This is the main form of the Universal Tao lineage.  I especially love this form for several reasons.  One is that you “travel” around a circle (rather moving along a line) and so address the 4 cardinal directions as you practice.  The circle is primal and significant in Taoism: the Pakua (Bagua) is the main Tao Mandala and holds the 8 Forces of the manifested world.  Connecting outward in this way is a beautiful practice.  Another reason is there are only 13 unique movements that are repeated 6 times: So you have a 72 movement form, but you only need to learn 13 movements to begin “doing taichi.”  Yet, it contains much in those 13 movements and you will continue to enjoy and refine this form for a long time.

As with other courses, if you know you will miss any class(es) when you register, I will prorate the tuition.  In this case, don’t use the Calendly link. I will send you a special link.

Register for the July 14 Free Intro:

Register for the July 21 – September 1 Taichi in the Park course:

Evening~ 6:00-7:30pm ~

The next Free Introduction is June 30.  The course will be July 14 – August 25 (skipping July 4 weekend).

After hearing from a few people, I’ve decided to offer “Emotional Wisdom” the course focusing on using visualization, sound and movement to work with the emotional energies and the 5 elements.

To Register for the June 30 Free Intro:

To Register for the July 14-August 25 Course:

Tuition: For the above classes, Intro is free. $175 for 7 classes.
Indoor Location:  327 7th Street, 2nd floor (Buzzer 1)
Park Location:  We will meet at the 9th Street entrance and walk in together. Once the course starts, we can meet at the practice location.

~Inner Alchemy/Fusion of Five Elements~ Aug 14-Sept 18

If you’re interested in Inner Alchemy/Fusion courses beginning in August (see that page), it’s recommended that you know the practices in Abundant Balance (Microcosmic Orbit) and Emotional Wisdom (Six Healing Sounds).

If you don’t have experience with those practices, contact me before registering.

I will offer a two hour class in Microcosmic Orbit for anyone interested, but especially those intending to take Inner Alchemy.