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April 29, 2018

12:00-1:30pm on Sunday April 29
557 5th Avenue
Brooklyn NY  11215

Exploring Taoist Sexual Energy

For many centuries in China and East Asia, sexual pleasure has been understood to be energetic as well as physical. Energetic practices were handed down with the benefit to strengthen health, lengthen life, and deepen and intensify intimacy as well as pleasure. Some of the energetic exercises are performed with a partner, and some are for solo rituals. While there are many advanced techniques that can be learned with dedication, we will be exploring a set of routines that are simple and fun for novices and afficianados alikes. In this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of Taoist Sexual Energy, and a little bit about the background and history of the practices we’ll be learning. We will focus on using breath, visualization, and the body: a subtle “Yin” practice that you can do every day to cultivate a deeper connection to your sexual energy; a warmer “Yang” practice to taste the collection and movement of your sexual energy in your lower body; and a closing practice to cultivate your earth grounding and centering. Done together, they offer a short ritual that opens a door to embracing health and pleasure in the spirit of Taoism.

Come investigate… or enjoy this introduction to… Universal Tao’s Healing Love methods, tradtionally called Ovarian and Seminal Kung Fu.

Future Workshops at Please: May 20 and June 24

Fee: $35  ~ Register through Eventbrite:

April 19

Qigong for Artists

Chashama ~ BAT B

A  group class focusing on releasing and relaxing your body… and remedying overuse or strain accumulated in making artwork. Held at Chashama Space to Create Brooklyn Army Terminal Building B.  This is a private space. If you wish to attend as Miranda’s guest, contact at least 5 days in advance.

June 10

Treat Yourself Sunday at 307 W 30th Street

A day of presentations and practitioners at the beautiful spaces at 307 West 30th Street in Chelsea.  Stay tuned for details on Miranda’s presentation and offerings.


Tentative dates: July 28-29

Weekend Retreat in New York City
Ovarian/Seminal Kung Fu Intensive

Chelsea Manhattan
307 West 30th Street, 3rd Floor
Saturday July 28: 10:00am ~ 5:00pm
Sunday July 29:  9:00am ~ 4:00pm

Learn the core practices of Mantak Chia’s Sexual Energy Practices over one weekend, along with supportive grounding and centering practices.  The benefits of Taoist Sexual Energy practices are rich.  To learn more about them, visit the description page for the In-Depth course:

This offering is structured differently.  class on Friday evening… {7-9:00pm}  Have a full day together on Saturday {9:30-5:00} {with a lunch break} and then a Sunday class {9:30-2pm} {with a late morning break}

This weekend intensive format is ideal if you’re traveling to New York or if your schedule makes it difficult to attend for 6 weeks.  It’s also ideal for those with an ongoing practice looking to expand their energy work.


To accommodate different learning styles, backgrounds and schedules, I’m offering Two formats or Levels:

Level One ~ In Person Intensive from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon:

~You will learn and practice the core foundation practice… As well as essential grounding, centering and preparation practices
~You will understand the how and why of the practices and get a clear picture of how it will add to your life
~A specially gathered {artist-designed} materials with the history, background and step-by-step guides
~A collection of guided meditation recordings to continue your practice that are yours to keep

Tuition & Materials: $290

Level Two ~ Everything in Level One, Plus:

Because not everyone can soak up everything offered in this intensive and be “good to go” I’m offering a second level:

~Three live Guided Meditations of the practice

~Option of returning for half-day Jade Egg training.  This is a separate training, but since it really requires a good grasp of the energy practices, it’s offered separately.

{dates tbd, but approx. weekly  after the workshop}
75-90 min group call meditations
Recordings available afterward

Fee: $85

Women’s Jade Egg Training {sort of Level 3}

This intensive is open to men and women.  The energetic practices are mirrors of each other and have been taught in mixed classes through Universal Tao.  In addition, I’ve found that not all women learning Healing Love wish to learn to use the Jade Egg.  (And it is ideally learned after  you are confident about the energetic practices.)

Half day ~ A Saturday following the workshop
9:30-12:30 or 1:30-4:30

Fee: $85

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