qigong at abhaya yoga

Two Workshops:

“Cultivating Qi/Life Force Energy”
November 17

“Working with the 5 Elements: Organs & Emotions”
December 15

Location:  32 Pearl St, Dumbo Brooklyn
Subway:  F Train York Street Station

October 20 & November 17 & December 15  2:00~3:30pm

Introduction to Qigong ~ Some Tao Foundations
In three monthly workshops, you can dig into some of the beautiful, powerful, yet quite accessible aspects of Qigong and Tao practice. All are enjoyable for beginners, yet offer a richness for long-term cultivation as well.

In Qigong Energy Work, we have different practices that grow and clarify our energy (and so our life): Preventing ‘leakage’ or loss of Qi; Gathering in fresh, abundant Qi; Storing it in our ‘Dantian” (our belly) and our bones; and ‘purifying’ and circulating it so we can better use it. We will learn a portfolio of Qigong that cultivate these elements. Some practices will be standing and moving, others will be inward focused and seated.

The 5 Elements are a major guide in Chinese medicine, martial arts and in Qigong. They are a lens through which we understand the earth, the seasons, our inner life, our relationships and our health. Instead of memorizing information, we will learn the Elements through our bodies, using color, visualization, simple movement and sounds. These practices transform how we experience our emotions (and our stress!) as they connect us to the inner energies of our organs and the outer energies of nature and the cosmos.

Saturday, December 15th
2 – 3:30 PM
$30, members receive a 20% discount

Register directly with Abhaya:
https://abhayayoga.com/ or (718) 682-3271



SEP 22-OCT 27 ~ 1:30-3:00pm

In the Taoist/Chinese story of our origin (super abbreviated), first there was “Wu” the emptiness that held all possibilities. Out of this arose Yin and Yang. Then there was a blooming of the Five Elements: Water, Wood, Metal, Fire and Earth. From Yin and Yang and the Elements, “the 10,000 Things” blossomed… meaning basically All Things. These Five Elements (and Yin and Yang) dance—in nature, in culture, in our bodies and emotions. Learning to see through this lens can deeply change the way we approach our life. We will get to know the Five Elements with our bodies and visioning using Qigong movement, Sound and Imagery. Each of the first five classes will focus on one Element. The sixth class with bring it all together and offer ways to start integrating this deep, powerful and pretty ancient viewpoint into your everyday life.

Fee:  $280 / $240 (earlybird & members)

Register directly with Abhaya:
https://abhayayoga.com/ or (718) 682-3271