Ovarian Kung Fu Weekend

Ovarian Kung Fu Weekend Intensive

July 28-29
Saturday: 10-5
Sunday: 9-4

We will learn and practice the foundation methods of Mantak Chia’s Healing Love, as well as practices that support, balance and enrich them: Grounding, Yin body-mind cultivations and Moving Qigong.

~Fire & Water Qigong and Embryonic Breathing

~Yin Ovary / Testicle Breathing

~One through Ten Grounding & Dragon Tail Grounding

~ Heart Qi Connection and Empty & Presence Meditation

~Flowing Jing Qi Ovarian / Seminal Breathing

~Full Version of Ovarian / Seminal Breathing


Additional Support & Training:

Learning these methods over two days allow you to really soak them in, but some of us need more repetition over a longer period to really “own” them.  To ensure that everyone takes these powerful traditional practices in as deeply as possible, everyone will receive guided meditations of the main practices. In addition, there are two additional support and training offerings:

Follow-up Live Group Meditation Calls

Three sessions via group call or skype
(tech TBD). 75-90 minutes

We will have a group meditation of the full practice together, beginning with Qigong and centering meditation followed by the full Ovarian Breathing Practice, energy circulation and quiet mind sitting.  After our meditation, you will be able to bring your questions and specific experiences for guidance. Also open to Miranda’s previous Ovarian Kung Fu students.

Fees: $85 for all 3.  $40 for any single call/meditation

Jade Egg Training ~ Half-Day on August 4

Time TBD ~ either 9:30-12:30 or 1:30-4:30

We are separating Jade Egg training and offering it on the following Saturday, August 4th.  Not all women are interested in Jade Egg work.  Others wish to develop a strong Ovarian Breathing Practice before adding the Jade Egg. This workshop is offered as an extension of the Weekend Intensive but is open to past students or women who practice Universal Tao Healing Love. It is not recommended on its own to beginners as previous experience is necessary.

~Wearing your egg, pest practices

~Laying and Standing practice, moving the egg: building the pelvic floor

~Vaginal Reflexology: clearing the ‘Dark Cave’ of old emotion

~Overview of Inner Alchemy practice with the Jade Egg

Fee: $85