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Thanks for visiting.  Below you’ll find information on the upcoming group class(es) in Brooklyn as well as way to reach out to us with questions, registration or to put your email on our newsletter list.

APRIL 28/MAY 5: Next SUNDAY Group Course : 
Abundant Balance (Qi Energy Cultivation & Circulation)

Free Intro:  April 28   6:00-7:30pm
Course:  May 5 – June 16 or 23 (course to skip May 19) $175 for 7 weeks

We are hearing about “energy” everywhere these days.  People are going for “energy healing” with Reiki, Yoga, Pranayama and other sources.  We speak of places or people having “good energy” or “bad energy” –Have you ever wanted to go deeper –to learn how to cultivate and even manage your own?  This course brings you the awareness, practices and skills to do just that.

New York living is fast-paced and exciting… but it can be “A Lot”  …Getting away, getting rest or getting a massage all help… But they do the same thing: Fix the aggravation, overwhelm or exhaustion after the fact: After you’re aggravated, overwhelmed or exhausted. What if we had a strong center, had abundant Qi energy and had a clear and loving mind – all the time? The practices we’ll learn in “Abundant Balance” are from traditional Chinese Medicine and have been around for centuries. So it’s kind of amazing how accessible they are and how deeply they can transform contemporary life –both inner and outer living.–Getting and staying “Grounded” –connected to the Earth, to your center… and cultivating natural, strong boundaries.–Cultivating a connection to your life force energy so you can support and vitalize yourself before bigger imbalances grow.–Avoid losing Qi or getting overwhelmed… Enjoy every day!–Learning traditional ‘time-tested’ energy practices and tools that change the way you relate to your body, your relationships and the spaces you inhabit.

Register for the Free Intro Here:

Register for the 7 Week Course Here:


327 7th Street, 2nd Floor (Center for Anti-violence Ed.)
Park Slope Brooklyn
Near: 4th Ave & 9th Street F/R/G

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