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Ovarian Kung Fu~Healing Love

4 week intensive
Wednesdays in October : 4th ~ 25th
6:30-9:00 pm

This is more than a 4 session course where you learn some techniques and the mechanics of a practice (only to forget it the next day).  In our time together, you will learn two variations of these traditional Sexual Energy cultivations:

~ The gentle breathing and embracing practices of TaoZen Ovarian Kung fu that help you connect with your whole body, your cycle and your deeper, sometimes ignored feelings and desires.

~ The more dynamic and “fiery” practice of Healing Love from Universal Healing Tao that is a powerful practice for clearing hormonal and physical issues; for shifting your relationship to your sensuality and sexuality and laying the groundwork for dual practice.  This is the practice that includes work with the Jade Egg that everybody’s talking about these days.  We’ll set aside all the hype and learn the true traditional practice that further deepens a woman’s sexuality and strengthens your pelvic floor.

We will also do lots of supportive practices to explore and connect with our “Deep Yin.”   We’ll do journaling and meditations that help clarify where we are, that bring this path deeper and connect it with our “real life” –to our personal situation, goals and obstacles.

We will be doing “homework” between the classes so you will get plenty of chances to get stuck, find questions and grow confident as you bond with the practices.  These methods — complicated and confusing at first glance will become clear.  You will “own” them as a powerful collection of tools that maintain and deepen your connection: to your body, to your heart, to your pleasure and your power.

Course Location:
CAE/Center for Antiviolence Education
327 7th Street (@ 5th Avenue)
Buzzer 1 / 2nd Floor

Subway:  F/G/R ~ 4th Ave & 9th Street Station

Course Fee:
Early Registration:  before September 6: $200

Regular Registration: $250

(If you would like a 2-payment option, email me)

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Qigong at Abhaya Yoga

Starting September 27
Wednesday Mornings 9:00-10:15

We will begin with Autumn aligned Qigong and see where that leads us.  We will work with Lung Energy and deepening our breath.  With nature imagery of Mountains and Rooting…   Join me at the beautiful new Gowanus location of Abhaya Yoga.  (I’m also offering my Qi Healing there as well).

The Schedule of classes will be posted soon (Grand Opening is September 15)




Past Special Classes ~

Ovarian Kung Fu

1/2 day Intensive + follow-up
March 4 : 1:30-4:00pm

tumblr_mhgkbqggga1rofqk3o1_1280This is the TaoZen version of Universal Healing Tao’s “Healing Love.”  These practices are not difficult.  Yet they are so transformative.  Not only to your cycle (or menopause), hormone levels and body, but to your emotions and your experience of your femininity and centered strength. We will learn the TaoZen version that stays low in your body and does not require a strong Microcosmic Orbit.

My goal is that you all learn this practice well enough to own it — to feel confident in practicing on your own.  So, in addition to the training on Saturday, you will receive Practice Guide booklets for both Ovarian Breathing and the Jade Egg that distill the steps and information, as well as some ‘cheat sheet’ cards to use during practice.  You will also receive a scheduled follow-up with me individually 1-2 weeks after the workshop–either by phone or, a 15-20 minute session at my office (for current clients, it can be an extension of a regular session).

Time: 1:30 – 4:00
Location: 92nd Street on Upper East Side
Fee for workshop and follow-up: $145

A small number of drilled stone eggs are available if you don’t already have one.  Please let me know when you register if you’d like to purchase one and I will bring several for you to choose from.  I have Rose Quartz, Green Aventrine and Black Obsidian.

If you’d like more information or to sign up, email:



6 Healing Sounds Qigong

New York Open Center

Free Intro on April 5!

5-Week Course
April 12 – May 10

qigong brooklyn new york 5 elements

Qigong is a Chinese healing practice that balances body, mind and spirit through physical movements, breathing techniques and meditative focus. In this class, we will learn Six Healing Sounds qigong, an easy-to-learn and deeply healing practice.

Ancient Taoist masters discovered that healthy organs vibrate at a particular frequency, and they developed six sounds with the correct frequencies to keep each organ in optimal condition, each performed with specific movements and visualizations that strengthen and balance the organs and energy of the body. Regular practice calms our emotions, making us less prone to anger, fear and sadness.

We will close each class with Kuan Yin qigong, a beautiful series of fluid movements that not only fortify overall health, mental clarity and emotional equilibrium, but also open the heart to unconditional love.

(5 sessions) Wednesdays, April 12–
May 10, 6–7:15pm
Members: $100 / Nonmembers: $135
Save 35.00 by becoming a member!

Please register directly with the Open Center:

{OpenCenter.org -Six Healing Sounds}



3-Day Training in Ovarian Kung Fu & TaoZen Practice

The Grand Goddess Retreat
April 7-9 in Tampa Florida

Miranda will teach a daily practice from TaoZen and Ovarian Kung Fu, including grounding, breast massage, ovarian breathing and jade egg… along with standing and moving qigong sequences.  Also presenting during the weekend will be Kamala Easton.  Are you near Tampa?  Contact for more information:




Universal Healing Tao Associate Instructor Certification

Training & Mentoring

universal healing tao brooklyn new yorkHave you fallen in love with the practices you’ve learned from Universal Healing Tao?  Are you interested in deepening your practice and sharing these methods with others?   There is a learning path set out to support you on your way.  Get in touch with me to learn more about the many ways we can support you.  To read more, follow this link:

{Universal Healing Tao}


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