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the focus of our work together is up to you

I approach my practice in much the same way as Tao has been traditionally taught.  For centuries you would learn from a member of your family or someone in your village.  You would have a long relationship with them — maybe lifelong.  The focus was on you as a whole person, not just on the subject or method taught.

For more information about the modalities I use in my work, click these links:

Healing & Balance: Working One on One 
More about Qi Healing & Medical Qigong
More about Universal Healing Tao

My practice is based on series of one-on-one sessions that give you deep healing from the energy medicine branch of TCM and intensive teaching of the transformative practices from Taoist tradition… All tailored to your experience, interests and issues. …Both the Healing and the Practices are deeply rooted in centuries old methods that cultivate health, clarity and spirit and ground you on a path that supports your health, life and spirit.

My goal is for you to truly “own” your practice… For your relationship to your body be transformed… For your inner landscape to feel clear, vibrant and spacious.
Visit the Medical Qigong and Tao Practices under My Modalities to learn about the tools I use.  And visit the Healing & BalancingOvarian Kung Fu and Universal Healing Tao  pages for some of the Paths I’ve taken my clients down.

If you would like to find out more about this way of healing-learning that embraces your whole person as an active creator of your health and well-being, use the contact form below. We’ll set up a time to talk… It’s complimentary (and no sales pitch or pressure– I promise). You’ll get clear on what you want for yourself, you’ll identify what might be in your way, and see how you might move forward. We’ll also see if we’d be a good fit to work together, using the magic of ancient traditions to help you flourish in the 21st Century.

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