Taoist Inner Alchemy Practices
(Fusion of the Five Elements)

What is Inner Alchemy? (from Mantak Chia):

Inner Alchemy, which is called neidan gong in China, is the Taoist art and science of gathering, storing, and circulating the energies within the human body. It is also called ‘inner elixir skill’ as the body becomes a laboratory in which the Three Treasures of Jing, Qi and Shen are cultivated.

Now, you may ask yourself, what is the purpose of these inner alchemy practices? Well, the easiest answer is to improve physical, emotional and mental health. But there is far more to it. Ultimately it is a Taoist concept of immortality to achieve spiritual integration of your authentic Self. What do I mean by that?

Your authentic Self is immortal because it doesn’t die with the physical body, and continues its creative existence in vibrationally higher dimensions. Many spiritual sciences talk about the immortality of our authentic self, or soul. But only the Taoist Inner Alchemy practices explain precisely what this process requires. In simple words, this transition requires the integration of the body’s sexual essence (jing), the energy body (chi), and the spiritual part of the body (shen) into a state of total openness (wu) to the multi-dimensionality of our reality.

Ultimately, Taoist Internal Alchemy understands the human body to be a unique and precious vehicle for our spiritual ascension journey. I hope you understand why I am so excited to teach these sacred ancient Inner Alchemy practices. You’ll learn skills that go far beyond your physicality, connects you intimately with your authentic Self, and improves your physical, emotional and mental health in ways you never experienced before.


Fusion of the Five Elements is a collection of meditative/energy-work “formulas” handed down for centuries, collected in the “Book of the Golden Flower.”  They require experience with the Microcosmic Orbit, the 5 Elements (6 Healing Sounds Practice is ideal) and meditative focus or a willingness to cultivate it.  They are beautiful and complex and deeply transformative, but without a foundation, you may get lost and discouraged.

These practices are close to my heart.  They are old and they are powerful.  But they are not always simple or easy.  My commitment is to share them in a way that you feel supported and clear about your path. Because of this, I offer these practices when enough students are interested.
We will begin with Tao Divination: the I Ching and the Taoist Mandala: the Bagua.  We will ‘tattoo’ the Bagua onto our body using visual imagery and chanting… integrating these 8 forces into our energy body.  We will use this tattooed mandala as a space to clear ‘difficult’ resonances of the 5 elements from our organs… creating a neutral Qi that our body soaks up for healing and vitality. The next formula gathers the ‘wisdom’ resonances of the elements in our body and combines them into our ‘compassion pearl,’ This pearl is used in many Fusion formulas. It’s drawn through many internal pathways and even exits our body to travel. Later formulas call in the 4 Celestial Animals to surround and protect us; Reach outward to the 5 Elemental Planets and ultimately we cultivate a version of ourselves that takes us beyond the confines of daily life.
My goal is for us to enjoy and learn these practices at a pace that works for everyone.  We will work all 9 “formula” but we may not finish in the 7 weeks. So I intend to continue this course over time. They are beautiful and transformative.  So let’s not rush.


We will begin with the I Ching & Tao Divination as a foundation for
Fusion Formula 1: Building the Pakua (Bagua) and Imprinting/Tatooing
it into/onto our body with Visualization and Mantra Chanting.

Following classes will work with that material, clarifying and deepening our connection and understanding… and allowing us to become confident in the practices through repetition.  There are 9 “Formulas” that are unique and explore different facets of Inner Alchemy.  We will move at the group’s pace… repeating practices and moving on to the next as it feels right.

Often, these are taught once, then you’re on your own to practice at home…
But in the “olden times” you would have practiced with your mentor
for months before moving forward.  This offering is trying to find
a middle way between those teaching methods.

Because of the nature of this material, I can’t offer free introductory classes. Instead, you can register for one or all 6 classes. You can attend one class to see if it resonates… deciding if you wish to continue.  However, attending the first class is strongly advised if you wish to attend any or all of the following classes.  I will be laying the foundation in that class which we will build on as we go.

We will need at least 3 people to hold a class.  Please register by the prior Saturday to ensure the class will happen… the maximum number of students for this material is 8.

The Microcosmic Orbit and the 6 Healing Sounds are usually prerequisites (from me or any other teacher).  If you feel you have equivalent practice experience, I’m happy to speak with you… And if you have taken both my Abundant Balance (Microcosmic Orbit) class and my Emotional Wisdom (6 Healing Sounds) class, you know the foundation tools you’ll need.

Dates & Class Information:

in Brooklyn or Manhattan

Dates & Times:  also TBD

Curriculum for the first classes~

I Ching and Fusion I.  We will spend time with the I Ching (Yijing), its hexagrams and trigrams.  We will learn different ways to cast the I Ching, and look at its application in the Pakua (Bagua).  Finally, we will use Chanting, movement and visualization to imprint the trigrams onto/into our body: creating the Pakua structures we will use in later Fusion practice.

–Casting the I Ching using the 3 Coin Method and a meditative “Numerology” method; then we will imprint (tattoo) the Pakua (Bagua) onto our bodies using chanting and visualizing… setting up that energetic structure we will use in later Formulas.

Note:  Handouts will be given in class, but a notebook is recommended.  Bring your own three coins (any denomination, but all three the same is best)… 

–We continue working with the Pakua and will move into connecting the senses and mother organs; gathering, combining and transforming elemental emotion/organ energy into an “Elixir”; and will begin learning how to work with the Elixir with the other “Formulas.”

–The Compassion Pearl and cultivating the Shen Body, Earth Qi, Planet Qi.  We will either move forward in the formulas or stay with material as the group requires.  It is more important to take in the practice than speed forward.

Note that Inner Alchemy tuition is lower than Ovarian Kung Fu.  It is expected that you will not be clear and confident on this practice after only 7 weeks, so the tuition reflects ongoing study.  Ovarian Kung Fu is a stand-alone training.

Class Size:
I require at least 3 people registered at least 3 days before the first class to hold a course.  Use this link to register:

You will receive a payment link shortly afterward.  Registration is not complete until your payment is processed.   For Inner Alchemy, the group should be intimate, so the maximum is 8-9.

Books & Materials:
As usual you will receive handouts, but for this work I highly recommend purchasing the earlier edition of Mantak Chia’s book “Fusion of the Five Elements” (blue/purple cover).  It is also helpful to purchase the later edition with the Yellow cover.

The original edition (no longer in print, but available used):


The current edition of Fusion of Five Elements:


If you have any questions, feel free to email me: 

Miranda at this website.  Sorry for the lack of a convenient contact form… the spam was out of control, so they’ve been removed.