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qi healing + personal instruction

Central to my practice is guiding clients toward self-sufficiency.  Practice “homework” and “Qigong prescriptions” are just as important as the time spent on the healing table.  Learning your personalized practice is expedited and deepened by the healings… and the home practice multiplies the benefits of your sessions.

My healing tools are from Medical Qigong (also called Qi Healing or Healing Qigong), a lesser known branch of TCM/Traditional Chinese Medicine (along with Herbology, Acupuncture and Tui Na Massage).  It is a very gentle, energy (Qi) based healing practice using the same understanding of the body and health that acupuncturists use.  The client relaxes on a massage table in comfortable clothing and may be asked to make soft sounds or image visualizations while the therapist works with them.

The methods of Medical Qigong access a client’s physical, emotional and energy systems to support and foster deep relaxation and healing.  Qi stagnation is cleared, new energy is brought in to revitalize, balance and nurture.  Stress and anxiety can diminish and sleep improve. Chronic situations can clear and old issues approached differently.  Though it feels great right away, it works best over a series of sessions… While it feels great right away, the body or mind may return to old habits after one session, but as the treatments continue, change enters and possibilities multiply.

The personal practices I teach are drawn from body-mind practices that are centuries old (millennia old actually).  They are deceptively simple and easy to learn… but they shift us deep in our body, our emotions and our spirit. They offer the opportunity to reconnect with nature and the divinity in the folds of our daily life. The practices may be a “purest” traditional set, or they may be curated from the tradition to perfectly suit a contemporary life.  In all cases, they have been refined and vetted for generations, I don’t make anything up. 😉

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