Group Classes


For description of the courses and for registration links, visit the “Sunday” or “Tuesday” page… or the “Ovarian Kung Fu” page… Here is a summary.

Current SUNDAY Group Course (Park Slope):

–Emotional Wisdom (6 Healing Sounds)  

Free Intro:  Jan 6   6:00-7:30pm

Course:  Jan 7-Feb 24

Next TUESDAY Group Course (Chelsea):

–Abundant Balance (Qi Energy Cultivation & Circulation)

Free Intro:  Feb 12  6:00-7:30pm

Course:  Feb 19-Apr 2

Next SUNDAY Group Course (Park Slope):

–Subject TBD

Free Intro:  Mar 3   6:00-7:30pm

Course:  Mar 10-Apr 21


Park Slope:

327 7th Street, 2nd Floor (Center for Anti-violence Ed.)

Near: 4th Ave & 9th Street F/R/G


TBD – one of two locations on

West 30th Street

Near:  Herald Square and Penn Station subways

Weekly Group Class Format:

A Free Class to Introduce the Course:  Courses are run on an 8 week cycle.  Before the course begins, there is a free class to experience the practices… and to learn some important Qigong/Taoist ideas.  Registration is needed for these classes.

Courses, Not Drop-In:  After the Free Intro, the course will run on the next 7 weeks.  We will learn the main practices a step at a time, as we also build skills needed for any Tao Practice.  To register, use the links on this page, or you can contact me directly.  Pre-payment is needed to register for the course (there are links for that here as well).

This is important: —If there are fewer than 3-4 people registered, the class will not be held, and only those registered will be contacted about any scheduling changes.

Focused Content for Each Course:  Each Course will share a complete practice, based on a facet of the Tao Path.  Both movement or body-centric practices and meditative “inner” practices will be included, as well as enough theory or information to give context to your practice.  If you only take the one course, you will leave with a solid understanding and enough experience to “own” that practice.  And if you continue into the next course, you will continue to build and deepen your understanding and your practice.

Core Lineage:  Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao:  Every course centers on Universal Tao practice.  Along with these accessible, transformational practices, you will learn practices that take the ideas, movements and skills of Universal Tao deeper… as well as body-mind and movement practices that make you feel good, release stress and strengthen your Tao learning.  If you’re pursuing Universal Tao certification, all these courses are relevant.

Why 7 weeks?  After the Free Intro… Seven weeks (7 x 7) is 49 days… an important number in Asian traditional work.  It is the period that the spirit stays before moving on into other realms or other lives… It is the period used to truly change a habit: dropping one or taking one up.  And it’s said that if you stay with a practice for 49 days, you will work through your resistance and lack of understanding to a place of “ownership” — and can wisely decide whether the practice is aligned with your path.

Please get in touch with any questions, or to be added to our email list:

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