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If you’re visiting this page to register for “Emotional Wisdom: Working with the 5 Elements” 

Please register using this link (payment is needed to register):
SUNDAYS  JAN. 13 – FEB. 24
 : 7 Week Series {6:00-7:15pm}

If you’d like more information on this or other group offerings, please read on~

New Group Class Format:

Courses, Not Drop-In:  Group Classes will run in 8 week courses.  The first Class will be a “Free Introduction” to the course.  The course will then run on the next 7 Sundays.  Please register for the free class.  Use the links on this page, or you can contact me directly.  Pre-payment is needed to register for the course (there are links for that here as well).  This is important –If there are fewer than 3 people registered, the class will not be held, and only those registered will be contacted about any scheduling changes.

Focused Content for Each Course:  Each Course will share a complete practice, based on a facet of the Tao Path.  Both movement or body-centric practices and meditative “inner” practices will be included, as well as enough theory or information to give context to your practice.  If you only take the one course, you will leave with a solid understanding and enough experience to “own” that practice.  And if you continue, you will continue to build and deepen your understanding and your practice.

Why 7 weeks?  After the Free Intro… Seven weeks (7 x 7) is 49 days… an important number in Asian traditional work.  It is the period that the spirit stays before moving on into other realms or other lives… It is the period used to truly change a habit: dropping one or taking one up.  And it’s said that if you stay with a practice for 49 days, you will work through your resistance and lack of understanding to a place of “ownership” — and can wisely decide whether the practice is aligned with your path.

Next Weekly Group Class:

Emotional Wisdom with the Five Elements:

January 6:  FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS  6:00-7:15pm
January 13-February 24: Course of Seven Sundays  6:00-7:15pm
At Center for Anti-violence
327 7th Street, 2nd Floor
Park Slope Brooklyn

This course brings busy New Yorkers who can feel overwhelmed, confused, anxious or stuck in their emotions into a grounded, spacious inner life so you can enjoy your vibrant feelings rather than managing, medicating or running from them. In 8 weekly classes (First Class a Free Intro) you learn a deeply different way of understanding, experiencing and digesting emotions using body and mind practices that are short, accessible, enjoyable, yet deeply transformative.

The SIX HEALING SOUNDS uses simple movement and sound, along with vibrant visualization to deeply connect with the energies of your emotions and begin shifting and transforming them. The FIVE YIN ORGAN QIGONG clears stale Qi energy (and emotion) from your body and draws in vitality. Along with these powerful practices we will dig into the nature of the Five Elements and how they manifest in your life: in the seasons, the times of day, the directions and in your relationships. All this will be supplemented with short ‘in the moment’ practices to help with daily stresses or specific issues.

January 6 ~ Free
January 13-February 24 ~ $150

Please register using this link (no payment needed):
SUNDAY  JAN.  6 : FREE INTRO {6:00-7:15pm}

Please register using this link (payment is needed to register):
SUNDAYS  JAN. 13 – FEB. 24
 : 7 Week Series {6:00-7:15pm}

Special Chinese New Year Offering:
Divination & Inner Alchemy for Chinese New Year

I Ching Basics (for beginners):  10:30-12:00noon
Divination & Inner Alchemy:  1:30-5:00pm

Location:  TBD (Manhattan or Brooklyn)

To start the Chinese New Year (February 5) with more clarity and depth, join us and dive into the energetics of the I Ching and Pakua [Yijing and Bagua] with your mind and your body.  Our day will include two trainings:

For Beginners:  10:30-12:00noon ~ A 90 minute morning class on the Basics…
~Overview of what the I Ching is and a tiny bit of it’s history
~The structure of the Lines and Hexagrams.
~The steps to cast the I Ching using 3 coins.
~Determining a hexagram and looking up its interpretations.

Taking it Deeper:  1:30-5:00pm ~ Divination… the 8 Forces… the Pakua… Qigong…
-How to take that deeper, and cast intuitively using numerological meditation
-the 8 forces represented in the 8 Trigrams: what they are, and how they interact
-Pakua Qigong of held postures for each Force, taking them into our body
-Fusion of the Five Elements (Formula 1) to imprint the Pakua [Bagua] deeply and draw in the energies of the forces — using chanting and Qi-marking and visual meditation. We “tattoo” ourselves and create a permanent inner  structure that grounds you and connects you to universal energies.

Beginners ready to experience something new are most welcome, but if you’ve never done any Tao practices, send me an email so we can chat.  I will not go into the basics in the afternoon, so attending the morning class is essential.

Morning: 10:30-12:00noon:  $36
Afternoon:  1:30-5:00pm:  $108

Email with questions… Or register using these links:




For those looking for the ongoing, drop in classes:

New Year brings New Group Class Format…

We are shifting away from drop in classes to a more structured format.  The year will be divided into 8-week sections… the first week we will offer a ~Free~ Introduction to the coming 7 week Course. 

Each 7 week Course will have a subject or focus and will teach:

~a moving/healthful qigong set,
~a seated or quiet internal practice
~along with supporting theory, information and small related practices.

Registration is requested for the Free Intro and required for the Course.  You will be able to register and pay the tuition through– See the links below.

If you will have to miss a class or two, sign up anyway!  Qigong and Tao practice are an ongoing exploration and the classes are small enough that you will not be confused or lost if you can’t attend every class.  If you continue into the next course, it’s possible to transfer the fee for missed classes to the next course/series.


NEXT SERIES/COURSE:  MARCH 3 – APRIL 21 {6:00-7:15pm}

Subject Tentatively:  Working with Qi Energy…
and the 3 Treasures of Heaven, Earth and Humans

In this Series, we will work with Moving Qigong that connects us outward, upward and downward to the Earth and to the Sky… and we will work with the Microcosmic Orbit, an internal practice that circulates Qi energy through major pathways in your body.

7 WEEK COURSE:  March 10 – April 21


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