Free Classes : Inner Alchemy : Fusion of the Five Elements

A Rare Opportunity :  Free Saturday Classes in…
Fusion of the Five Elements

In June I was elevated by Mantak Chia to “Senior Instructor” of Universal Healing Tao.  As part of my commitment to the UHT lineage, I want to start teaching this practice I haven’t taught in a while and am recruiting volunteer students for free Saturday classes.  You will see the Dates and Times below, but classes will start at 1:00pm run about 2 hours.

Fusion  of the Five Elements  is considered the foundation of true “Taoist Inner Alchemy” when we really dig into the work of changing our emotional and energetic bodies… and raise the “frequency of our energetic vibration” so we experience our life more deeply, and differently.  It is complex, but beautiful and transformative. We will go step by step and may take more than one class to cover it all.

Registration is Required… I will only hold a class if at least 2 people can join me, but I only have room for 5-6 people.  You can register even if you’re not sure and note “Tentative” in the Notes box.

I’ll be emailing  confirmations, but I will also email the group a few days before class to remind and make sure everyone can  still come.

Prerequisites:  Ideally, you have experience in the UHT foundations, especially the Microcosmic Orbit, Healing Sounds and the 5 Elements attributes.  If you are weak in any of these, this is a good opportunity to refresh them before the classes!  If you are super new at Tao, please email me first.  Sometimes other practices are enough, but you may end up getting “lost” along the way and not enjoying yourself.  It won’t be possible to do extensive review or teach the foundations to you in class.

NOTE:  I am teaching “Tao Basics” in my Sunday group class Nov. 5 – Dec. 17.  You may wish to attend those before or along side this class to get the most out of the Fusion practice.

ANOTHER NOTE:   I can take only one or maybe two more people in these classes, so you must use the form below to ‘register’ and if we’re not working together currently, we should connect before class.