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New Classes!  New Structure!

Special New Student Offer!
First Class $10.
If you register for the course after trying the class,
receive another $10 off the course fee.
(New Students registering for First Course only).

Beginning August 27, we will have two classes on Sunday evenings:

Sunday Evening Qigong:  6:00-7:15pm

We will also begin a new curriculum that will carry through the next couple of months:

— Shamanic Shaking  Heart Drumming:  A traditional Qigong practice from Mt. Emei using movement, seed syllable mantra and intention to clear old stale emotions and energy, to soften all the tissues and to connect deeply with Earth and Heaven.

— EBQ Qigong: from Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies (Yang Yang) is a collection of 5 standing Qigong that gather Qi into your body, use Silk Reeling to work your tendons, open and lubricate the joints {strengthening the  muscle, bone, tendon structures of the body}.

— 6 Healing Sounds: Seated or Standing, this internal practice using breath, imagery and uttered sound is transformative. With the Sounds you Digest and elevate the emotional energies and support your organ health.

Taiji  Fundamentals-Beginning Forms 7:30-8:30pm

— First Form: Too busy to practice Taiji?  This short form has only 7 sequence/movements drawn from the Chen 48 form.  Like all Chen taiji, the movements are large and beautiful.  They work with all the fundamental facets, and build better balance, energy, cognition and movement.  This form was designed to be used in Taiji health-benefit studies, but is a fun and rich practice for everyone.  from Yang Yang’s Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies.

— Second Form:  Memory too short for the 108, 36 or even the 24 Yang form?  This form “Yang 13” or “Tai Chi Chi Kung” from Mantak Chia is only 13 unique movements, repeated to create a longer form (about 78).  It is a beautiful sequence that moves you in a circle, around the Bagua, and is the only body-symmetric Taiji form around.

We will lay foundation with the large movements of the Chen form.  As you progress, we will apply those fundamentals to the Yang 13… This may take a few weeks or a few months.  Class will progress at a reasonable pace for the students attending. Our goal is to know both forms and to add depth to both through learning how they contrast and intersect.

Registration Information:

Next Course is August 27-October 15 (6 classes, September 10 & 17 are skipped).  A minimum number of people is needed to go forward.  (So register early to ensure your class happens!).  Check the Calendar Page for precise dates and to confirm classes.

Registration & Payment:  Please use the form below to register.  Payment via Paypal Invoice is preferred (you don’t need an account — you use any debit or credit card).  If Paypal is not feasible:  use the contact form and then email me.  Tentative registration is an option: if you’re not sure you can attend, register and email me.

New students & Drop Ins:  Drop ins are still accepted to try out a class…

     ~Special New Student Offer:  First Class $10.
If you register for the course after trying the class,
receive another $10 off the course fee.
(New Students registering for First Course only).

If you must miss a class:  Register for the course anyway!  Make-up classes can be carried over to the next term.

CAE/Center for Antiviolence Education
327 7th Street (@5th Avenue)
Buzzer 1 / 2nd Floor
Park Slope Brooklyn

Subway:  F/G/R Station: 9th Street & 4th Avenue

Mobile: 347-431-5275 (call directly, Not the Center)

Finances should not be an obstacle to pursuing the Tao.
If you want to train but need a reduction in fees, contact me.

Sunday Evening Qigong ~ 6:00 – 7:15pm

Brooklyn New York Qigong ClassSunday evenings, we hold a 75 minute class that offers a combination of sequences from Shamanic, Traditional and Contemporary Qigong. The last part of the class focuses on quieter seated practices… referred to as Neigong… that winds us down for a good sleep and a new week. 

These classes are small and the space is quiet with opportunity to receive personal attention with specific issues or interests.  The pace is moderate and our focus is on purging, then tonifying and refining our qi — especially that of our organs.  

We also include Qigong that brings in lovely nature and celestial imagery and Qi/energy circulation.  Plenty of background information and instruction is available to support anyone trying Qigong for the first time.  This class is also great for anyone exploring Qigong to work with stress or a physical issue.


Click this link to the “Tao Practices” Page
under “My Modalities” for
lots of information about what is taught in Class:

{Tao Practices & Past Courses}

Taiji Fundamentals ~ 7:30-8:30pm

Taiji (Taichi) is a life-long practice, but you don’t have to take years of training before beginning your “Taiji Journey.”  While you learn the choreography you come to understand underlying concepts and ways of moving, of being, that hold the power of the practice.

We will learn the 7 sequence choreography from Yang Yang’s Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies.  This form is drawn from the famous Chen Family Style 48 movement form.  It brings together slow, fluid traditional movements  (such as “Lazy about Tying Coat” and “Parting Horse’s Mane”) with quick weight shifts and large backward steps.  This form was used in research that showed Taiji can improve balance, gait, strength, cognition and sleep.  It can reduce stress and stress-related maladies.  But it also is directly connected to the tradition and all the previous practitioners of the art.

If you were interested in Iron Shirt, but not able to attend the Monday class, note that we will include Iron Shirt and Standing Practice in this class.

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