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Sunday Morning at Abhaya Yoga – Gowanus :

9:00 – 9:50am
Morning Qigong at Abhaya Yoga (Gowanus)

43D 9th Street, Brooklyn
{Smith & 9th Street Station: F/G Lines}
{9th Street/4th Avenue Station: F/G/R Lines}

Register on Abhaya’s website:

Sunday Evening Classes in Park Slope :

Special New Student Offer!
First Class $10.
If you register for the course after trying the class,
receive another $10 off the course fee.
(New Students registering for First Course only).

 2nd Fall Series begins ~Sunday, November 5~

Universal Tao Basic Practices:  6:00 – 7:15pm
{note the earlier start time!}

Taiji & Qigong Fundamentals:  7:30-8:30pm
{scroll down for more information on both classes}

C.A.E./Center for AntiViolence Education
327 7th Street (@5th Avenue in Park Slope Brooklyn)
Buzzer 1 / 2nd Floor

Nearest Subway Station:
F/G/R 9th Street & 4th Avenue

New Class Format:  

Course of 6 classes: We are organizing the classes as courses.  This will ensure that our space rental expenses are met and will nudge students to commit a bit more to their Tao, Qigong and Taiji learning.

Series Class Dates:

November 5, 12, 19
{No Class Thanksgiving weekend}
December 3, 10, 17
{No classes Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve}

Interim Classes: October 22 & 29:  Drop in for lower Series fee – $20

How it Works:

Minimum Registration Required: If we do not have a modest minimum number registered, we will not hold class… So register early and invite your friends!

“I may miss a couple of classes in the Course”  You will be able to make up the classes in the next course series… As long as enough people register for the full course… We will also have two additional December classes for drop-in and make up.

“But I can only drop in once in a while”  As long as there are enough course registrants to go forward with the classes, drop ins are still welcome.  Please rsvp as before. Drop in fee is $25.

Scroll down for Registration form…

~ Special New Student Offer:  First Class $10 ~
If you register for the course after trying the class,
receive additional $10 off the course fee.
(New Students registering for First Course only).

First Course Series:
August 27
September 3
{break: Miranda in Italy on TaoZen Retreat}
September 24
October 1, 8, 15

Second Course Series:
October 22, 29
November  5, 12, 19
December 3
Drop in & Make Up Classes:
December 10, 17

Universal Healing Tao – Foundation Practices~ 6:00pm – 7:15pm

Mantak Chia describes his lineage as “Inner-Alchemy-Just-Practice Taoist.” It embraces any knowledge and any method from the Tao that are effective to refine the states of inner experience and consciousness that are the birthright of all humans and that are accessible by all, without unnecessary rituals. After having inherited the complete Taoist internal spiritual cultivation system from his master, Yi Eng, Chia followed the master’s instruction to teach the “Nine Formulas” to others.

We will begin learning the practices of “Inner Smile” “6 Healing Sounds” and “Microcosmic Orbit” as well as “Simple Qigong” and “Qi (Chi) Self-Massage”  It takes longer than six weeks to learn all of these.  But we will start and begin to build our familiarity and skill.

More information on “the Nine Formulas” can be found here:


Second Class:  Taiji Fundamentals or Evening Qigong ~ 7:30-8:30pm

Our focus for this class will depend on Student Interest:

We can continue with the 13 movement “Taichi Chi Kung” form of Yang style Taiji, or we can focus on a varied Qigong Practice.

Qigong Practice:

Shamanic Shaking – Heart Drumming:  A traditional Qigong practice from Mt. Emei using movement, seed syllable mantra and intention to clear old stale emotions and energy, to soften all the tissues and to connect deeply with Earth and Heaven.

— EBQ Qigong: from Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies (Yang Yang) is a collection of 5 standing Qigong that gather Qi into your body, use Silk Reeling to work your tendons, open and lubricate the joints {strengthening the  muscle, bone, tendon structures of the body}.

— 6 Healing Sounds: Seated or Standing, this internal practice using breath, imagery and uttered sound is transformative. With the Sounds you Digest and elevate the emotional energies and support your organ health.

Kuan Yin Qigong:  We will close with this lovely, fluid contemporary Qigong ending our class with nature imagery of the night.

Taiji Practice:  

Memory too short for the 108, 36 or even the 24 Yang form?  This form “Yang 13” or “Tai Chi Chi Kung” from Mantak Chia is only 13 unique movements, repeated to create a longer form (about 78).  It is a beautiful sequence that moves you in a circle, around the Bagua, and is the only body-symmetric Taiji form around.

We will lay foundation with the large movements of the Chen form.  As you progress, we will apply those fundamentals to the Yang 13… This may take a few weeks or a few months.  Class will progress at a reasonable pace for the students attending. Our goal is to know both forms and to add depth to both through learning how they contrast and intersect.

Registration Information:

Next Course begins October 22.  A minimum number of people is needed to go forward.  (So register early to ensure your class happens!).  Check the Calendar Page for precise dates and to confirm classes.

Registration & Payment:  Please use the form below to register.  Payment via Paypal Invoice is preferred (you don’t need an account — you use any debit or credit card).  If Paypal is not feasible:  use the contact form and then email me.

Tentative registration is an option: if you’re not sure you can attend, register and email me.

If you want to train but need a reduction in fees, contact me.


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