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I teach classes in Park Slope Brooklyn weekly unless I’m traveling.  The class calendar — which you can find at the bottom of this page or on the “My Classes” page –will reflect the exact schedule.  

Group Classes are held at:
C.A.E. / Center for Anti-Violence Education
327 7th Street, 2nd Floor
(Buzzer 1)
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Private Instruction is held at my Office by appointment:
407 7th Avenue (at 13th Street)
(Buzzer “Maher”)
Park Slope, Brooklyn

At the moment, I offer two group classes:

~  Sunday & Monday in Park Slope

~ Sunday Evenings   ~ Qigong  & Neigong  ~  7:00-8:30pm
~ Monday Evenings ~ Qigong for Qi Strength  ~  8:15-9:15pm

All Classes @ C.A.E.
327 7th Street (below 5th Ave)
Buzzer No. 1/2nd Floor

Park Slope BrooklynSubway:
4th Avenue/9th Street Station : F/G and R lines

Sunday Evening Qigong ~ 

Brooklyn New York Qigong ClassSunday evenings, we hold a 90 minute class that offers a combination of sequences from Shamanic, Traditional and Contemporary Qigong. The last part of the class focuses on quieter seated practices… referred to as Neigong… that winds us down for a good sleep and a new week. 

These classes are small and the space is quiet with opportunity to receive personal attention with specific issues or interests.  The pace is moderate and our focus is on purging, then tonifying and refining our qi — especially that of our organs.  

We also include Qigong that brings in lovely nature and celestial imagery and Qi/energy circulation.  Plenty of background information and instruction is available to support anyone trying Qigong for the first time.  This class is also great for anyone exploring Qigong to work with stress or a physical issue.

Click this link to the “Tao Practices” Page under “My Modalities” for lots of information about what is taught in Class:

{Tao Practices & Past Courses}

Monday Evening : Qigong for Qi Strength ~

brooklyn new york qigong class 2You needn’t be an experienced Qigong practitioner, but we will push ourselves a bit and use longer held postures from Iron Shirt Qigong and breath holding Qigong such as the Cosmic Orbit.  These practice elements are wonderful for increasing stamina, immune strength and qi flow.  Strength in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tao Practices is viewed differently than in the west.  In Tao Practice, tendons are the source of power and strength (no muscle).  The ability to find your most natural structure and way of moving is thought more important than giving 110%.  As such, “tao strength” is important for all of us, especially as we age.

Fees are the same for either class:

Drop in: $18
4 Class Cards: $60

Location: CAE, 327 Seventh Street, No. 2
(near corner of 5th Avenue in Park Slope)

Subway: F/G/R trains to 4th Avenue/9th Street Station

You can also RSVP by direct email or text~

by Email:

By Text (please include your name):

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