The next offering is a short series of 3 Sunday classes:  September 8, 14, 22.  I will then be away September 25-October 9 at our annual Italy Retreat.  On October 13, Sunday Qigong will return as well as the Inner Alchemy classes.

Below are details.

Sundays Evenings~

September 8, 14 and 22  ~  6:00-7:30pm ~

The next series is a short one of three classes (so too short to offer a free intro).  If you’re new to Qigong, Universal Tao lineage or Tao practice, these three classes will be a great foundation.  And if you’ve been practicing for a while and what to bring more context and understanding to your practice, we’ll be doing that too.

Three Treasures of Tao Practice & Qigong

The Three Taoist Treasures of the Energy Body
I have three Sundays before I leave for Italy, I we’ll have a short series on Qigong and Tao practice that splits up the sometimes complex options of practice into three:
Breath, Body & Mind
Purging old Qi, Gathering fresh Qi and Refining that Qi
Tao Ideas and Inner Practice:
3 “Realms” –Heaven, Earth, Human
3 Treasures of Heaven: Sun, Moon and Star Lights
3 Treasures of Human: the energies of Jing, Qi and Shen
3 Treasures of Earth: Water, Fire and Wind
While each class will stand alone and offer a fun and depthful practice centered on “one of the three,” at the end of the series you will have a broader, more nuanced understanding of your practice.  You will have a varied Qigong (movement) practice and a Tao (more inner/energetic) practice to draw on.
Sundays 6:00-7:30
327 7th Street, 2nd Floor (@5th Ave in Park Slope)
Series of 3:  $75
Single class: $30
To register for one or two of the 3 classes:
To register for the series of 3 classes:


The next Free Introduction is October 13.  The course will be October 20 – November 24.

Abundant Balance: Cultivating & Circulating Qi Energy

New York living is fast-paced and exciting… but it can be “A Lot”  …Getting away, getting rest or getting a massage all help… But they do the same thing: Fix the aggravation, overwhelm or exhaustion after the fact: After you’re aggravated, overwhelmed or exhausted. What if we had a strong center, had abundant Qi energy and had a clear and loving mind – all the time? The practices we’ll learn in “Abundant Balance” are from traditional Chinese Medicine and have been around for centuries. So it’s kind of amazing how accessible they are and how deeply they can transform contemporary life –both inner and outer living.

–Getting and staying “Grounded” –connected to the Earth, to your center… and cultivating natural, strong boundaries.
–Cultivating a connection to your life force energy so you can support and vitalize yourself before bigger imbalances grow.
–Avoid losing Qi or getting overwhelmed… Enjoy every day!
–Learning traditional ‘time-tested’ energy practices and tools that change the way you relate to your body, your relationships and the spaces you inhabit.

SHAMANIC SHAKING brings you to your center and connects you to the earth as you release old Qi, stress and negativity, “clearing space” for fresh life force. The MICROCOSMIC ORBIT moves you deep into your inner landscape. By guiding your Qi along internal pathways, you grow your energetic resources, balance your Yin and Yang energies as you settle and center your mind and heart. The fluid movements and nature imagery of KUAN YIN QIGONG move Qi throughout your body, feed your spirit and transform your connection to the natural world and night skies. Kuan Yin Qigong is a wonderful counterpoint to the seated focus of working with your Qi and offers an intuitive, playful approach to moving and enjoying Qi.

To Register for the October 13 Free Intro:
To Register for the October 20-November 24 Course:

Tuition: For the above classes, Intro is free. $175 for 7 classes.
Location:  327 7th Street, 2nd floor (Buzzer 1).

Inner Alchemy/Fusion of Five Elements

If you’re interested in Inner Alchemy/Fusion courses returning in October (see that page for more information), it’s recommended that you know the practices in Abundant Balance (Microcosmic Orbit) and Emotional Wisdom (Six Healing Sounds).

If you don’t have experience with those practices, contact me before registering.

I will offer a two hour class in Microcosmic Orbit for anyone interested, but especially those intending to take Inner Alchemy.